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Schirm Loop Homestead LLC Lavender Farm
Address: 2434 SCHIRM LOOP RD NW OLYMPIA, WA, 98502
Phone: 360-867-1029
About Us
Schirm Loop Homestead established in 1918. Originally this was strawberry fields long before it was lavender. there are 2 plum trees, 3 applle trees, a pear tree and a very large old green fig tree. In 2017, after mowing the hillside for 20 years, I had the lawn plowed and planted 150 Lavender Plants. Turns out the sloped hill facing Mount Rainer and the South Sound has the perfect zoning and soil ph for Lavender. 2 varieties. 30 Lavendula Intermedia Super. a cross between English and French Lavender. 120 Lavendula Intermedia Gros Bleu is a French Hybrid. Last year I planted 800 garlic cloves and produced what I am now selling. Music Garlic and Italian Red. Both Hardneck. I have a small gift shop with lots of Lavender Products and quitelocally made items. i am open seasonally to the public July through late August and by appointment.
I use organic methods for everything grown here. Lavender is easy and requires very little in the form of nutrients and water.. Deer do not like it. I cut and dry most of the lavender and have dried bud that I use for making sewn sachets, eye pillows, pillow inserts, Laundry filled dryer bags, pet calming collars, comfort neck warmers and more. My garlic is somewhat similar. Growing season is about 270 days late October though July. Deer do not like this either. I do not fertilize or use pesticides of any kind. I hand pick and cut everything. We steam distill the Lavender out side in 3 large stainless pots under propane heat producing our Lavender Oil and Hydrosol. There are no chemicals used in anything. Just water from our community well.