Baker Greens Farm
Contact: Becci & Shawn Baker
Address: 30 E Majestys Ct Shelton, WA, 98584
Phone: 360-535-3686
About Us
Located on the north end of Shelton, Baker Greens Farm is an evolving productive acre just waiting to see what's next. This year we started with building a greenhouse so that we can offer our community nutritious microgreens and a reasonable price. We use all natural soil with non GMO seed. Each tray is seed and maintained by us, your farmers, Becci & Shawn. You'll often see our boys Elliott and Nathan at the market helping out as well.
All spent trays go to our very spoiled chickens or compost. This will allow us to bring you eggs and more produce in the future using natural methods.
While 2020 has brought many challenges, becoming a part of the Shelton Farmers Market and building a wonderful base of local customers has been a pleasure.
We use organic soil produce in Washington State with non GMO seed to bring you fresh microgreen nutrition. As we have learned from our customers at the Shelton Farmers Market, variety is what people want. We will work to offer your favorites as well as more specialized varieties each week.