WeBeSmok’n LLC
Contact: Gilbert Bolden
Address: 8036 93rd Trl SE Olympia,, WA, 98513
Phone: 360-999-7709
About Us
Gilbert Bolden is We Be Smok’n LLC. When my Mom died at the age of 42, I was 12. My Dad’s sisters (my aunts) came and helped out. One of the things they did was have me help them make a bbq dinner for friends and family. They made a bbq sauce that was heavenly. My Dad was a chef and that DNA is in me. For years I had been striving to make a sauce that was near the taste of theirs. So, one morning I was awaken by a voice that told me to, “get up, we are making sauce today!” Real story! So now, we all get to enjoy and share this heavenly sauce whenever we want!
We use all fresh natural and organic vegetables, fruit, and spices for our sauces and rubs every time we make a batch. We recycle our glass containers to support our ecosystem ( bring them back) and future.