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Prairie Oak Farm
Contact: Joy Nguyen
Address: 7613 Delphi Rd SW Olympia, WA, 98512
Phone: 214-215-0758
About Us
Prairie Oak Farm is a small, diversified fruit and vegetable farm in southwest Olympia. We are committed to the principles of sustainable agriculture, which means using methods that contribute to the health of the environment, community, and farmer. We are also working to maintain a healthy habitat for native plants and wildlife in our woods and on the prairie. We regularly spend time removing invasive species, adding native plants, and preserving all the parts of this incredible ecosystem. The beautiful Garry Oaks on the property are the namesake of the farm.
Certified organic through CCOF in 2022, we use all organic methods and do not use chemicals of any kind. We use only certified organic seed for growing our vegetables and only OMRI-approved amendments for fertilizer and compost. We also try to minimize the use of gas-powered equipment by keeping the scale of production relatively small and using hand tools specifically designed for small farms. We are working to incorporate the use of more cover crops to improve soil health and continuously decrease tillage.