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Magic Kombucha
Contact: Rachel Carns
Address: POB 2912 Olympia, WA, 98507
Phone: 360-402-5547
About Us
Magic Kombucha has been brewing and bottling delicious, remarkably bubbly kombucha since 2006. After suffering a devastating fire in summer 2016, we are finally back in action! And when we say our staff are geniuses, we mean they are true kombucha whisperers. Taste it and see!
Kombucha is a raw, living food, and we approach the brewing process with respect and reverence. We brew in small batches, and fill, cap, and label each bottle by hand. We use certified organic and fair trade ingredients. But the true star of the Magic show is Olympia, Washington’s world-famous artesian well water. We are convinced that it’s the water that makes Magic truly MAGIC. We want to put Olympia’s water back on the map! Our top priority is to provide a nourishing, vibrant, and harmonious environment for our kombucha to grow in, and to pass on the good vibes to you and yours. Happy kombucha just tastes better!