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Contact: Beau Buck
Address: 209 5th Avenue SE Olympia, Wa, 98501
Phone: 360-634-2135
About Us
Our journey began in 1973 with a simple fascination for the rich spectrum of flavors that the world has to offer. What started as a small family tea room has blossomed into a treasure trove of the finest spices, teas, infusions, and a handpicked and dynamic array of delicious and hard-to-find culinary products.

From the very outset, Buck's has been a purveyor of flavors; we are storytellers of taste, sharing the narratives of tradition and innovation through our carefully curated selections. Our range of fragrant curries, aromatic masalas, exotic teas, spice blends, are elegant infusions of flavor and are not only a nod to the storied past of ancient spice routes and tea traditions but also a tribute to the timeless art of tea blending and infusion crafting. And, we're an Olympia original, since 1973.
We make every effort to source our ingredients from local, regional, indigenous, traditional and heirloom suppliers when possible.

We believe there's merit in supporting a a quality-oriented, not-mass-market, healthy food supply chain, but small batch production can cost more than industrial-level production. We buy as carefully as we can, paying attention to sustainability and practices, and we price fairly, and we hope you appreciate the value we offer.