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Friendly Grove Farm
Contact: Market Gardens Northwest LLC
Address: Mailing: 2402 Capitol Way South, Olympia Washington 98501 Farm Location: 3020 Friendly Grove Road, Olympia, Wa. Olympia , WA, 98506
Phone: 360-754-9851
About Us
Friendly Grove Farm, located about 15 minutes north of Olympia, is family-owned farm that produces crops using organic methods. In 2005 we purchased the century old farm to save it from development and keep the land in agriculture. Since then we have been growing produce that we sell commercially with an emphasis on specialty and heritage crops.

About ten years ago, we also teamed up with the local Kiwanis club on half an acre where we annually produce 2-4 tons of food for the local food bank to help those in need. One additional dividend of this partnership has been that Kiwanis volunteers have an opportunity to come out to the farm and see that local agriculture and environmental protection go hand in hand.

We are always looking for new ideas for what to grow and are willing to plant what local chefs and restaurants have a difficult time finding fresh and local.

We grow fresh local produce using organic methods.