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Bloom Creek Farm
Address: PO Box 235 Littlerock, WA, 98556
Phone: 360-528-7580
About Us
Bloom Creek Cranberries is a small cranberry farm near Olympia, Washington established by Felix and Kathy Mahr in 1998. After working around the world, we came back to our native Washington and selected this site for our farm because it has the ideal elements for growing this traditional American fruit. Our mission is to provide the highest quality fresh market cranberries and cranberry products locally to people in western Washington.

Our cranberries grow bigger, redder and more flavorful in the warm South Sound summers than cranberries from the coast. In autumn the cranberries are vine-ripened, picked immediately before sale,and brought to local markets at the peak of freshness.
Cranberries are ground-cover vines that thrive in the warm weather, clean glacial sand and abundant water resources present on our land. Our cranberry bogs were purpose-built from upland pasture to avoid site wetlands and streams and protect the abundant wildlife that use our property. We created level depressions lined with clay to create a moist environment, and filled the basins with sand deposited here by glaciers at the end of the the ice-age. Bloom Creek Farm employs sustainable farming methods such as soil amendments and carefully timed flooding to minimize the need for agricultural chemicals.