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Domina Dairy and Creamery
Contact: John and Sheila Ahmann
Address: 265 Romerman Road Chehalis, WA, 98532
Phone: 360-262-9112
About Us
Domina Dairy and Creamery is owned by Sheila and John Ahmann, who started producing their cheese in 2006. Pampered Guernsey cows graze on lush pasture of flowers and grasses, just like the generations that came before. Because of this legacy of care and the unique terroir, these cheeses have their own flavor signature that that evokes an Old Country flavor-- just like John and Sheila's grandparents used to make.

Some of the cheeses are staples that you can depend on all year, while other cheeses come and go because they are small batches that were created on a day when John was feeling like trying something new.